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Karla Marie Parker


     I would like to share with you a special memory I have of Karla. It happened when I was sitting in the waiting room while visiting her father (Gus) in the hospital. We were sitting there giggling and acting kind of silly as we tried to relieve some stress while catching up on what had been going on in each others lives. I hadn't seen my family in a while as I lived in Detroit and they lived in St. Louis. Immediately after working 14 hours in Detroit, I flew to St. Louis to visit with my brother. By the time I arrived at the hospital, I was exhausted and very  concerned about my brother's health. I had never witnessed him this ill before. While sitting there, saying a silent prayer, I was fighting tears and trying not to cry about my brother's illness, when all of a sudden Karla came and sat on my lap and asked me,"do you wanna talk about Jesus?" Karla sensed how weary I was feeling and this was her way of helping me get through this rough and difficult time. Karla talked to me about Jesus and invited me to her church. This proved to be just what I needed to get though the day. I always knew Karla was special, but on that day, it seemed as though she reconfirmed just how special she was to me. Bless her heart... Karla really helped me get through that day.

     This web site is something I have wanted to do since Karla's death. However, I could never find the strength to put it together, because mentally it was difficult and very painful for me to do. Then one evening in March 2004, when I was thinking about making this web site, I felt Karla’s presence and I heard her say "okay, Aunt Carol, let’s do this." Hence, this web site was created.

     On behalf of my family, I thank all of you for your wonderful support, prayers,and caring words of encouragement. Please visit Karla's web site again as we plan to add more photos and do what we can to share with you how wonderful she was. 

     I am ever so grateful for the strength Karla gave me to complete this website that evening in March. I think it's just amazing how busy Karla still is here on earth even though she now lives in Heaven!

     Karla gave so much to so many with her brilliant endeavors, it’s no wonder, I have always been and will always be proud to call her MY NIECE!

     Rest well Karla, my precious angel... and know that your Aunt Carol misses and loves you very much.

Note: I chose the song playing in the background for this page because the young lady singing (Daphne Rice) reminds me of Karla. The first time I talked to Daphne, I thought of Karla. They do not physically look alike. However, Karla and Daphne share many of the same attributes ...  very vocal in expressing their love for the LORD, personality plus, friendly, beautiful smile, and the list goes on and on.  

Background Music:
"Only You"
Album: "Where It All Begins"
Written By: Daphne Rice
Lead Vocal: Daphne Rice
Background Vocal: Jeremy Haynes
All Keyboards: Levi "Too" King 
 Bass: Jeremy Haynes
Drums: Jeremy Haynes


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