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Karla Marie Parker

The following exibits one of Karla's many talents.


"Blue Cruise"

written by Karla

Published by The International Library of Poetry

Breathtaking is the area of your ocean.
As far as I can see, I see this living, moving body of water.
Amazed at the diverse complexions of its skin,
I stare at the circle where the sky kisses the surface.

So many shades of radiant blue,
The turquoise ripples are just as beautiful as the navy waves.
Awesome, my Lord! And the heavens, they truly declare your glory.
Surpassing the ocean in color, its silence opens listening ears to the
Fierce soothing rhythm below.
Sometimes soft blue, majestic purples and artistic shades of pink
All parade the sky as the Earth dances about the sun,
Adding distance to my viewing eyes.
And what is this that hugs my body?
It waves my hair like a flag on a breezy autumn day.
I feel your power in it.  I sense your presence.
I worship you as it reminds me you are here.
Right here in the rushing mighty wind.


Background Music:
Boys II Men
"It's So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday"

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